Where to Find Extra Large Bras: Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed Frederick’s of Hollywood’s bras and panties.

I paid about $25 for this bra, and I love it. When I went back to the website to get more, they were out of my size.

These cotton and lace panties are so comfortable. I put in a new order for more since they’re only $3 a piece.

I found this lace underwire bra on www.glamorise.com. I usually don’t like bras without inside liners, but this one is extremely comfortable.

I also bought this sports bra. It provides lots of support.

The back has five rows of hooks for extra duty support that women with large breasts need.

Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find good bras. I’ve been wearing Wacoal bras ever since Oprah declared them as one of her favorite things. This one does not have an underwire. The foam holds your breasts up while you stay comfortable. $30.00

I freaking love this sports bra that I bought during a Victoria Secret sale.

The colors are beautiful. There were cropped leggings that matched the top, but they were sold out. I paid $12.

This is another sports bra with a halter-top. No wires or padding. $12

This is a light green, front-open lace bra. So pretty.

Check out the halter-top back. I believe I got this bra for $20.

I had never tried Victoria’s Secret body products. I picked up the Sunset Sorbet lotion and body polish. They smell great, and they’re super moisturizing. Just $6 each.

I’m thoroughly pleased with all of my purchases, and the money I saved. If you know of any other stores or websites that cater to women with larger breasts, let me know.

Stay blessed,



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  1. Shelley Victory says:

    I wish I had this problem. I’m a member of the IBTC. Lol . But it’s great to see that research put into this. I will pass your blog on to my friends who also have large breasts.


    1. Lol. It’s not all It’s cracked up to be.


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