Where to Find Big Bras on a Budget!


Many women pay thousands of dollars to get them. Others are blessed with good genes. Large breasts. No matter how you get them, you need to wear a proper fitting bra that provides support and coverage. This can be difficult and expensive.

I didn’t fully develop until I was in my thirties. I went from an acceptable C to no-man’s land. Suddenly, I needed real bras. It’s been a struggle, but my search lead me to Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Your best bet is to catch a sale which I did. I paid $20 to $25 for each bra. This is a wireless bra that’s pretty and provides enough support for everyday casual wear.

You can see the lining on the inside. This bra is a change from the matronly bras usually available for well-endowed women.

I love colorful bras. This one has underwire which I don’t like, but it’s necessary with many work or special event outfits.

It was hard to shoot, but you can see the crocheted border. Nice.

This is my favorite bra. The black scalloped lace is gorgeous.

Foam padding on the inside of the cups which add comfort and full coverage.

Frederick’s had a sale on panties. Three bucks a piece. I had to buy some. This one matches my black scalloped bra.

I purchased three of these bikini underwear. I like the mixed textures of cotton and lace. They also have enough back material to cover your booty.

Lastly, I purchased a lingerie bag. I pay too much money to ruin my bras in the washer. If there is a wire, the bra needs to be hand-washed. Wireless bras can go in the lingerie bag on a delicate wash.

I have more bras to show you in my next post. They were bought at the Victoria Secret sale.

Stay Blessed,



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