Rockbox Jewlry

Wear it. Keep it. Return it.

Rocksbox knows its customers. We like pretty boxes and dainty wrapping paper.

Most of all, we like jewelry bags. Each box contains…not one…

Not two…

But three little bags with jewelry inside of them.

Rocksbox is comparable to the old Blockbuster video rental stores. You select the jewelry you’d like sent to you. Three pieces are sent a month. You can wear the pieces as long as you like and return them when you’re through. Or you can buy the jewelry. I received two pair of earrings and a necklace.

These are quite pretty in person, but a little smaller than I like. They are sterling silver which is great. I have sensitive ears and can only wear silver or pure gold earrings. $67

I also received a sterling silver arrow necklace. This is pretty but too little and thin for me. $67

I love these Barrett hoops. I bought them. They were $34, and I got a $21 credit which is the monthly fee. I only paid $13.

I wasn’t sure about Rocksbox, but it seems like a great way to build up your jewelry collection. Most the items are silver, rose gold, or a metal covered by gold. If you’re a jewelry lover, this is the subscription box for you.

Stay Blessed,



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