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The Covid quarantine closed down retail stores for months. That was one of the hardest things for me to endure. Eventually, retailers realized that they could stay out of the red by green lighting online shopping. I’ll show you some of the things I picked up online and in the stores.

Don’t sleep on Home Goods candles. I’ve found pricey candles marked down to affordable prices.

Some of the candles are too pretty to burn. They run around six to nine dollars

Isn’t this beautiful. I ordered it online, but it’s available in stores as well.

I always check out the food aisle in Home Goods. This cherry cola was so good. I’m not sure if they sell food or drink items online.

I always grab some dried fruit or trail mix.

This Salt and Vinegar popcorn was not good!

I always get something for Bailey. He loves these.

They only had the small size of Pattern shampoo. I bought the conditioner on a previous trip, and I love it. I’m going to get the whole line.

For the first time ever, I’m showing some of the clothes that I bought at Marshall’s. I lost 70 pounds and need a new wardrobe. Before losing the weight I was uncomfortable with photographing my rather large cloths. I love striped tops in the summer, so I grabbed a few.

I really like this top with a zipper. So cute.

I like the color and the straps on this top.

Due to my feet issues, I always have to wear socks. These work pretty well, and they were less than eight bucks.

I adore Minnie Mouse, so this cap was bought.

I got this Leg Relief Wedge for my legs and feet. These usually cost $30 and higher. I got this one for $15. I prop my feet up while reclining on the couch or my oversized chair.

This beautiful ceramic diffuser is just what I needed. It’s lights up and came with lavender oil. The only issue is that it uses a USB cord. I’ll use the cord that plugs into a socket from my old one. $20.00

I saw this pitcher filled with tulips online. When it arrived, I loved it so much that…

I went searching for another one. Found it!

On another trip, I was in line minding my own business, when I saw this. Had to get it.

Lastly, I bought this little man. I don’t know what’s going on…but I love knolls.

They’re so cute!

Not only can you shop Marshall’s and Home Goods online, but TJ Maxx has a website now too.

Stay Blessed!



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