Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping:

The Good & The Bad

I take grocery shopping seriously. It started as a child. I’d get up every Saturday morning while my siblings slept and head to the stores with my grandmother. It was never just one store. We’d hit two to three, getting the best bargains. I learned how to thump a watermelon, inspect vegetables, and shuck corn during my shopping travels. Since I was the only kid that would accompany her, there was always a treat when we were done. A pack of bubble gum or some fish from Long John’s Silvers. If I was really good, I’d get a magazine with a gorgeous Michael Jackson on the cover.

I continued this tradition as an adult. That is until Covid 19 changed all of our lives. I began shopping online. I’ve become an expert. It’s easy and convenient, but you don’t always get what you ask for.

To be honest, I’ve done very little cooking over the past year. I was ill from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cushing’s Disease. Then I fell and fractured my wrist which required three operations. I’m starting to feel good enough to cook instead of ordering from Door Dash everyday. Saturday, I ordered groceries from Meijer and Fresh Thyme.

Whether I cook or not, I always keep fresh produce in the house. I munch on veggies instead of potato chips. I already have cauliflower, tomatoes, and celery in the refrigerator, so I ordered carrots and a cucumber. Cherries were on sale so I got some. You always need a green pepper and an onion.

Mushrooms were on sale, so I got some green beans as well. I’ll make a mushroom, red onion, and green bean stir-fry.

I bought green onions to eat and to plant in my garden.

I’ve been wanting homemade spaghetti for months, so I got some ground chicken.

I bought some bratwursts to grill and some brioche buns. I’ll make some homemade French fries with the bag of potatoes I bought. I didn’t take a photo…sorry. I already have a couple of ears of corn.

I always have low potassium, so I bought a bundle of bananas. I got a lime for the guacamole I plan to make. I already have the avocados, the cilantro is in the garden. I might add a little red onion.

I bought some mayonnaise because I plan to make potato salad. I’ve never made it in my life, but I want to learn. I’m already messing up because I forgot to buy the mustard.

I had to get the big container of Coffee Mate Hazelnut liquid creamer. It’s so good with French press coffee.

This is one of my grazing snacks. Instead of Takis, I grab a couple of sweet mini peppers. Plus, I can cut up a few up for recipes.

I’m a Type 2 diabetic, although that’s going away since I had my Cushing’s Disease operation. (That’s a story for another blog.) I still watch my sugar. I always keep Sprite or Ginger Ale in the house for upset stomachs. The Jarritos and Calypso are treats.

I saw this Polar Ginger Ale on sale, so I picked it up.

I must have orange juice in the morning. It’s so good. I keep lemonade or limeade and tea in the refrigerator. I already have a huge jug of Arizona tea. I usually buy my lemonade and tea with little to no sugar. It didn’t happen this time. I was hurrying.

I enjoy making a small snack bowl to munch on while I’m watching Tik Tok in bed. I usually get a pickle or some olives and add veggies. Yummy, especially with ranch dressing. In fact, I bought the pickles to try a Tik Tok challenge. I’ll add a pack of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. It’s supposed to taste amazing.

Since I’m still wearing a cast on my arm and using a walker or cane, I shopped for most of my plants and flowers online this year. I ordered from Meijer. There were some mix-ups. They sent me a parsley plant instead of lavender. I rarely use parsley, but I’ll plant it anyway. They also delivered a couple of bags of soil.

Now that Covid is starting to get under control, I’ll start venturing out to the stores more. I’ll still order online. It’s relatively cheap, costing anywhere from $5 to $10 for delivery plus a tip. When you place an order, your shopper will text you if a product is out of stock and offer a replacement. You can select a delivery time, and you don’t have to be home.

Have you tried online grocery shopping. Did you like it?

Stay Blessed,



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