Bath & Body Works Annual Candle Sale

$9 Candles

Juniper Berries, Cranberries, Peppermint, and Black Curr..?ant

Earlier this month, I replenished my BBW candle supply. I took part in the $9 candle sale. Most of the scents I bought were new to me like Berry Spitzer.

Lavender, Bergamot, & Lemon

Since I’m homebound, I shopped  online. It was a mess and took hours to complete my order. But there were online exclusives like Sparkling Woods.

Buttered Rum, Caramel, & Vanilla Bourbon

You already know this smells incredible. Perfect for drinking a latte and reading a book by the fireplace.🔥

Sugar Cane, Warm Butter, & Sweet Cream

You can’t light this candle without having something sweet to munch on.

Madeleine Cookies, Almond, Orange, & Toasted Coconut

I’m not a cookie girl, but this candle smells good enough to eat. It’s a must buy for fans of Madeleine 🍪.

Pear Nectar, Cranberries, Apricot, & Tart Blackcurrant

I could walk around with this candle and sniff it all day. It’s fresh, succulent, and sweet.

Bergamot & Holiday Greenery

This candle has a clean wintry smell. It’s a floral scent.

Ocean Air, Anjou Pear, Violet Petals, & Warm Vanilla

I wasn’t sure about this candle, but the scent grew on me. I think it’s the pear and vanilla.

Eucalyptus, Sage, & Pine

This candle has a cool and relaxing aroma. The pine gives it a wintry scent.

Mahogany, Teakwood, & Lavender

This a BBW customer favorite. It has a strong woodsy scent that’s amazing.


This is the ultimate candle for the Christmas season. It has notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

Stayed blessed and Happy 2021.


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