I Finally Made It To Marshall’s

It’s been four months since I glided through the doors of Marshall’s. Covid-19, health issues, and a badly sprained ankle have kept me confined inside my house. On this day, I decided to limp my way into the store. There were things that I needed and Marshall’s had them.


Bathroom rugs…all the way in the back of the store. I moved at the pace of an injured snail. My crutch stuck out of my cart and hit a customer or two. When I finally got to the bathroom rug area, I grabbed what I could. Something neutral and fluffy. $16.99

BeFunky-photo (28)

I grabbed this gray marble tumbler which I’ll use as a toothbrush holder. $5.99

BeFunky-photo (27)

I needed towels, colorful towels. I got these beautiful Kate Spade towels in a melon color. It was getting hot in the store with my mask on and belabored walk. At this point, the price didn’t matter. I was too tired to go down the aisles and just started shopping from the end caps. $7.99

BeFunky-photo (26)

These Hotel Collection hand towels matched perfectly. $5.99


Kassa Spa Quick Dry washcloths. These are nice and thick. $7.99 (4 pack)

BeFunky-photo (23)

I couldn’t leave the area without getting a fabric shower curtain liner.

BeFunky-photo (24)

I’ve been using these ever since I discovered I was allergic to the plastic liners. You can wash these and they’re durable. $6.99

I stumbled over to the candle aisle with sweat dripping into my eyes. There stood a shopper sniffing candles with her mask OFF! Of course, I had to social distance until she left.

I managed to quickly pick out two candles without removing my N95 mask. This Charged candle contains crystal and amethyst stones as well as lavender oil. It has a rich floral scent. $9.99


James & Maria Organic Co. Pineapple Cilantro Hand Poured Candle. This candle smells yummy and 20% of the profits go towards the education of low-income students. $9.99

BeFunky-photo (22)

Balance Aromaworks reed diffuser. I love the square shape of the bottle. The diffuser has a blend of vetiver, mandarin, and petitgrain essential oils in it. It smells great. I wish I had bought more. $6.99


I saw this rustic looking catchall as I made my way to the clothing section of the store. This is a good place to put my knick-knacks in my work from home area. $5.99

I lost 50 pounds so I wanted to get a couple of outfits. I felt like I was on a five-mile uphill walk as I struggled over to the clothing section. I purchased a couple of cropped pants for $16.99 each and a couple of tops for $14.99 each. Sorry. No pictures. It’s too difficult for me to photograph clothes.


I kept pushing to the beauty area and found this adorable shower cap. $3.99


I was running out of steam, but I pushed forward. Thank God I did. There winking at me was Schmidt’s Ylang-Ylang Calendula natural deodorant. Just three tubes of my favorite deodorant left. It retails for $8.00. I paid $4.99.


Just what I was looking for Rembrandt toothpaste. $4.29


My energy was low and my legs were burning. I weakly grabbed a package of Vitamin E face wipes. $3.99


It’s a constant battle to keep my heels from looking like I danced in flour, so got this Dr. Foot Cracked Heel cream. It really works. It has aloe vera, shea butter, and avocado oil. $4.99

The household and food aisles were singing to me, enticing me to come for a visit. I wanted to answer, but I just couldn’t. I was drenched and looked delirious. People were starting to ask if I was okay. I wanted to cry out for help.

Yet I continued to shop as I stood in line, respectful of the social distancing floor stickers. This Camelbak water bottle found its way into my trembling hands.The twist top helps the water stay cool. $6.99

This wasn’t a cheap trip, but I got nearly everything I needed. It will be a while before I can make another trip. But I’ll return again… healthy and ready to find a bargain.

Stay blesssed and stay safe!
























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