My Favorite Things

BeFunky-photo (4)

I received this Isaac Mizrahi vase in my Fab Fit Fun subscription box. I’m showcasing it in my family room, and it adds the perfect pop of color.

BeFunky-photo (32)

I purchased a pack of full-size Merry Hempsters salves on Amazon for $12. They contain Hemp and Arnica. I use them for arthritis, aches, pains, and sore joints.


Berry & Juice’s vegan lip gloss is extremely moisturizing and adds a perfect blend of shine and color.

BeFunky-photo (46)

Here’s another Amazon package deal I got for around twelve bucks. The peppermint is my favorite. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

BeFunky-photo (10)

Ths Yumi Kim wireless charge came in my Fab Fit Fun box. First of all, it’s pretty in pink. This is not the fastest charger, but it’s convenient. I keep it on the table next to my Lazy Boy chair to charge while I Netflix and chill.

BeFunky-photo (51)

Strawberry Pound Cake is my top candle of the month. It always delivers a delicious  powerful aroma.

Stay blessed and stay safe,



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