I was poking around Amazon, and I found a great deal on some of my favorite products. Merry Hempsters’ Balm sticks. These balms are chocked full of hemp which knocks out arthritis and eases sore muscles. Usually, these run seven bucks each. Amazon has four full-size tubes for $13.


BeFunky-photo (33)

This is the Cool Vegan balm. This smells like spearmint which is cool and relaxing.

BeFunky-photo (30)

This is Hot Hemp Muscle Rub. It smells like cinnamon. This one knocks out that deep pain. It’s got a strong scent so you want to use this one at home.

BeFunky-photo (31)

Organic Rescue Salve. Use this when you get a bee sting, blister, or a minor cut. This will heal you right up.

BeFunky-photo (34)

The Organic Arnica Salve is my favorite. Arnica is good for bumps and bruises. I keep a couple of tubes around the house because I’m clumsy.

Stay blessed and stay safe,



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