For the Love of Soap

My Favorite Natural Soaps

I’m obsessed with natural soaps! It started about twelve years ago when I realized I had sensitive skin. Since then, I’ve been looking for the soap that will transform my skin into perfection.

Good for Acne & Rashes

I’ve been using Ayurvedic soap for years. It contains coconut oil, lime, orange, patchouli, sandalwood, and wild ginger. I like to use this soap on my face. It brightens my skin.

Tra Tree

Dr, Bronner’s is a well-known brand. This soap has hemp oil which is good for sore joints. The tea tree heals skin problems.

Camille Rose

The Rice soap smooths out your skin tone, removes scars, and leaves your face glowing. The Tamanu soap is good for keloid scars, burns, blisters, and stretch marks. The third soap has turmeric in it which is good for everything.

This soap costs $1 at Dollar Tree. It’s natural and lasts a long time. This is really a bargain.

Trader Joe’s Soap

Oatmeal and honey are extremely moisturizing. You get two bars for less than two dollars.

Nubian Heritage’s Coconut & Papaya soap is an exfoliant. The company makes a body wash, lotion, and body butter in this scent which smells delicious.

Use on face or body

Raw shea butter leaves your skin soft and supple. It’s especially good for dry skin. This soap includes frankincense and myrrh.

African Shea Butter

I always keep a tub of shea butter in the house. A couple of nights a week, I slather my skin with it.

Heals Dry Skin

It will soften the roughest part of your skin. For me, it’s my heels. They look like I’ve been dancing in flour.

Stay blessed and stay safe,



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