A Little Treat for Me: Fenty

COVID-19 has messed up my game. As a high-risk individual, I can’t leave the house, so I’m forced to shop online.

BeFunky-photo (51)

My Bath & Body Works’ Strawberry Pound Cake candle arrived just in time for the weekend. The flowered container is adorable.

BeFunky-photo (52)

The lid is fancy. This candle is so strong that its scent carries without it being lit, and it smells delicious.


BeFunky-photo (53)

I just had to buy Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb Universal lip gloss. I have several of these, and I think they’re the best lip glosses out.

BeFunky-photo (54)

The color is called, Hot Chocolit. This is a warm nude color with a touch of dazzle. It smells good too. This lip gloss is stunning.

BeFunky-photo (55)

I also bought one of the snap eyeshadow pallettes. They snap together so you can mix and match. I chose 4-Rose.

BeFunky-photo (56)

When I opened the palette, I was bedazzled by how beautiful the colors were. I’ve observed that pink is a hot color currently. This palette has three matte options.

BeFunky-photo (57) (1)

I love rose gold and this color, Diva Feva, is gorgeous in person.

Fenty has become my number one makeup line. It’s innovative and keeps producing extraordinary products at economical prices.

Stay blessed and stay safe,





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