Fresh Thyme Food Haul

I’m doing a mix of a Paleo and Keto diet. It’s basically a low carb, low sugar, and natural ingredients diet. I got the idea from Bobby Parish’s Flav City Youtube channel where he goes to stores and shows you what to buy 20 Healthiest Things To Buy At ALDI.

He also shows you how to cook in his home with his wife and cute baby. I’m slowly restocking my kitchen with his suggestions. Due to the fact that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cushing’s Disease, I fall in the COVID high-risk category. I like to shop at Fresh Thyme because it’s small and, most of the customers wear a mask, and stay six feet away. I slip in once a week to shop.


The first thing is to load up on fruits and vegetables. I’m having an issue with potassium, so I always get oranges and bananas. Fresh Thyme has really good sales on produce. I already had raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries at home. I love corn on the cob. For health reasons, I buy zucchini and squash. I bought Kale to mix with the romain lettuce, and I also have spinach.


Bobby Parrish recommended the Bare Organic Granny Smith Organic Apple Chips.

There’s one ingredient: organic apple. They’re very tasty. And they’re pricey at nearly $5 for a 3 oz bag.


He also recommends Terra Sweets & Beets. I’ve had these before and they’re yummy. The ingredients include sweet potatoes, beets, and expeller-pressed canola or safflower oil. Non-expeller-pressed canola or safflower oil is a no-no.


I found these Corn-thins. This is a nice replacement for rice cakes which I love, but white rice is a non-no. Corn-thins contain organic corn, expeller-pressed sunflower oil and sea salt. They were on sale for $2.59.

20200503_140147 (1)

I have a stockpile of chicken breast, sausage, turkey bacon, ground chicken, and ground turkey. I don’t feel like cooking many nights when I’m done working from home.


So I buy things like this Beef Thai Stir-Fry mixture.


Put this in a pan and cook. No cutting veggies or slicing meat.


I don’t like to mess with raw chicken so these garlic lemon chicken breasts are perfect for me. Seasoned and ready to cook.


As a treat, I bought four slices of hot peppered bacon.  I usually eat tutkey bacon. This bacon is so so so good. I cook them for my weekend breakfasts.



The closing of Marshall’s due to the virus has left me discombobulated and desparate. My natural soap collection has diminished. I was able to find Chandrika Ayurvedic soap. I’ve used this soap for years. If you have skin problems, it will clear your face up.  It smells good and it’s cheap, costing around a dollar. Online merchants try to sell it in bulk which raises the price.


I also bought Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Tea Tree soap. The name speaks for itself. Dr. Bronner’s is a poular brand that’s great for your skin. It was on sale for $3.49.


Fresh Thyme sells seeds which is good at a time like this. I don’t have to deal with lines at Home Depot and risk exposure to COVID-19.


These are for my herb garden which will also include thyme and cilantro. I also

picked up two hanging flower baskets.

What stores do you shop at? What items do you buy?

Stay blessed and stay safe!

































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