February & March IPSY Bags

With all that’s going on, I’ve fallen behind on my IPSY bag reviews. Let’s get caught up.


I received these two bags for February and March. I really like the pink quilted bag


Cake’s The Curl Friend for curly hair. Hmmm. This didn’t really work on my kinky curly hair.



Callyssee Better Bean Coffee Face Cleanser. This formula is a gentle facial scrub. I like to use scrubs like these several times a week.

I’m not a big fan of facial masks, but these did a great job. They smelled good and were relaxing.  Tatcha Water Cream is a high-end Japanese skin moisturizer. The retail price is $68, so I’m anxious to see if it works.


Black liquid eyeliner with a felt tip. These are my favorites. I’ll add this one to my collection.


The Balm samples are perfect for your travel makeup bag. This could be a blush or aneyeshadow.


Another jet black felt tip eyeliner.


20200321_215233 (1) (1)

Pacifica wild hemp eyeshadow. These shadows are hemp-infused.


IT primer. What can I say? Yet another primer.

This is a beautiful gold highlighter and eyeshadow.


Coloured Raine in the color, Red Sea.  This liquid lipstick is so beautiful.

Stay blessed and stay safe!



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