Peaceful & Balanced Nights: Aromatherapy

I’m completely obsessed with the Bath & Body Works’ (BBW) Aromatherapy line. They’re constantly expanding it with new scent combinations,  The recently released Balance collection is my current favorite.


When I use the Balance body wash, my shower turns into a steam room. Instead of rushing through a shower, I stop and inhale the aroma which is a blend of juniper and coriander. This is especially calming at night right before bedtime.

20191227_173000 (1)

After a relaxing shower, I reach for the Balance lotion. When I apply the lotion, a sense of calmness overcomes me. According to BBW, Juniper Oil generates positive vibes. It also clears your mind. Coriander Oil helps keep your emotions in check.


The pillow mist is one of my favorite BBW products. I use it as a body spray, air freshener, or anywhere a calming aroma is needed. The Aromatherapy line can be pricey, so I always wait for a sale before purchasing.


BTW, BBW is having a $6 sale today (2/22/2020). I have the strawberry pound cake candle, and it smells delicious. The body products are part of today’s sale.

Stay blessed,





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