2019 Winners!


2019 was a great year for buying makeup and skincare. I discovered that Marshall’s carries high-end makeup. Bath and Body Works had amazing sales, and I stocked up. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte was my favorite scent for the year.

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There were many more scents I enjoyed as well!


I live for BBW’s aromatherapy line. The Love, Sensual, and Comfort collections became new favorites.

BBW’s face spray is great for a pick me up at any time. It feels crisp and refreshing on the skin with a light scent. The scented body mists go everywhere with me, and I use them as room sprays and in the car. I have various pillow mist sprays. My favorite is the Lavender spray. It knocks me right out.


Urban Decay’s Born To Run palette has everything you need. You can create countless looks.


Camille Rose’s Honey Leave-In Conditioner is amazing for moisturizing natural hair. It’s basically honey and heats up when you rub it between your hands. As I Am Coconut Cowash always leaves my hair soft and manageable.



This is my favorite eyeliner. The wide felt tip is easy to use, and it stays on all day. $16.50 Eyeko London Eyeliner



Korres’ Wild Rose Sauvage moisturizer.  This is the perfect moisturizer for dry skin. It’s not heavy or oily.  Korres Skincare


The Marble Massager is fantastic. You can put essential oil in it and rub the pain away. I bought it at Marshall’s for six bucks.


I’ve really fallen in love with Good Soap which you can find at Whole Foods or on the Alaffia website.


Finally…BBW candles brought countless hours of joy to my life. It was fun trying new scents.


Stay Blessed in 2020,








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