How I Organize & Use My Large Makeup Stash!

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I love makeup and skincare products. I like to try new things, so I stalk Marshall’s for great deals. I also have monthly subscriptions for IPSY, Sephora Playbox, and Fabfitfun.

Some lipsticks like this Too Faced collection I rarely use. They’re pretty to look at.

I bought this for the packaging…

20200101_012326 (1)

This one too. They were less than $10 each at Marshall’s. Full-price is $30.

Earlier this year, I discovered that Marshall’s sells high-end makeup.  Somehow, I’d never taken the time to look before.

Suddenly, brands like Marc Jacobs, Too Faced, Kat Von D, Laura Geller, Lime Crime, NARS, and more were affordable. I’d mostly used Urban Decay, MAC, and Fenty in the past. Now, I could try makeup from other brands without going over my budget. I learned quickly that I needed someplace to store all this new makeup.

20200101_020431 (1).jpg

I have a storage unit in my bathroom like this one. It contains my everyday makeup like foundation, primer, blushes, mascara, etc. It needs to be cleaned so I didn’t photograph it. The other storage units that I’ll show store my lip glosses and lipsticks, and other items that I’m currently using, but not necessarily every day.

20200101_022050 (1)

This is a storage unit that I bought on Amazon. I’ve got cream eyeshadows in the back row. Lip and skincare products are in other areas.

20200101_022059 (1)

The unit is nice because it has a storage area on top.

20200101_022400 (1)

This is another storage unit where I keep liquid eyeshadows, eyeliner, frequently used lipsticks, and more.

20200101_021736 (1)

I bought this unit at Marshall’s. The back contains lipliners, frosted lip glosses, and my red lip products. I have to be able to grab red at all times. There’s a palette on the side and more lip glosses. You can see everything at once, and the unit holds a ton of stuff.

20200101_021822 (1)

This is a lip gloss holder. It’s the perfect storage unit for those of us who have a lot of lip glosses. Every week or two, I go through my “in season” lipsticks and lip glosses and pull out colors I want to use. This way I get around to using most of my lip products.

20200101_004123 (1)

This is yet another storage unit. These are lipsticks I rarely wear. It’s a backup unit. I’ve also allocated a smaller drawer in my chest dresser for more back-up makeup that’s being monitored to be decluttered. I’m extremely sensitive about using old makeup.

20200101_005214 (1)

Every two weeks, I “shop” my makeup and skincare products. I pull out products that I haven’t used in a while and put them in this container. This reminds me to use them.

20200101_013139 (1)

This is a palette holder I found on Amazon. It’s great because I can see my “active” palettes and use them. Palettes that I rarely use are stored elsewhere.

20200101_013223 (1)

It’s an acrylic unit that you slide the palettes into. It’s really cheap on Amazon.

20200101_012620 (1)

This is a highlighter holder that I bought from Amazon. My makeup is not done until it’s blinged out with a highlighter. I like to GLOW like Rihanna!

I have loads of highlighters in my bathroom storage unit. I see gold and I buy it whether it’s liquid, cream, or powder. The Fenty shimmer sticks are magnetic and stick together,  so they’re easy to use and store.

20200101_011557 (1)

This is a drawer from my bathroom storage unit. It’s full of neutral lip products. I grab one of these and swipe it on. That way I have something on my lips before leaving the house. It’s great for the weekend or when I want a swash of color and gloss.

20200101_020100 (1)

In my next post, I’ll show you how I use and store my subscription box samples!

Stay blessed!




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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Nice storage and organization. I need to redo mine as well . Now everything is just lined up but I still need a better way to organize lipsticks .


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