Mychelle Skin Care Review


I was very lucky to find Mychelle Skincare in my local Marshall’s a few months ago. I’ve been using the products for about five weeks. I wanted to thoroughly test them before giving a review. Some of the products are expensive, so to find them at a deeply discounted price is great.


This is Mychelle’s Fruit Enzyme Cleanser. I’ve used this cleanser in the past. It’s gentle but still gets my skin clean.


The cleanser smells like the perfect blend of vibrant fruit and cane sugar. Mychelle’s cleansers really stand out. The company also has a pumpkin cleanser that’s amazing.


The cleanser costs around $16.00 for 4.2 oz.  Meijer often has it on sale. There are also online sales.


Apple Brightening Serum. This is great for smoothing out your complexion and fading dark spots. It gives your face a youthful glow.


The serum has a runny texture like most serums. It works well on my skin which is dry especially during this time of the year.


The serums are pricey, so I’d suggest keeping an eye out for the serums at Marshall’s.

So far, my skin has remained moisturized while using Mychelle’s Deep Repair Cream. In the winter, my face can get dry and patchy, but this cream has my skin glowing.


As you can see, this cream isn’t cheap so getting it for nine bucks at Marshall’s is a great deal.

Stay blessed!



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