Bath & Body Works: Comforting Fall Scents!


The Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy line has released the Thankful Frankincense and Myrhh collection. I’m a big fan of these two essential oils. They’re healing and invoke good thoughts. This is a softly scented line so the aroma is not overpowering.



For the first time, I bought pumpkin-scented body care.  I love this Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte. It smells like the perfect swirl of sweet pumpkin and soft marshmallows.


I got these products during a six dollar flash sale which is the best time to get scrubs that usually costs $16.


This light exfoliator contains shea butter, Vitamin E, and sugar.  It smells like a buttercream latte.


This is a classic scent that recently caught my attention. The Forever Red fragrance mist has notes of pomegranate, red peony, and vanilla rum. This scent is incredible, and I’m going to buy the rest of the line.


I also bought the Thankful Frankincense and Myrhh sugar body scrub. It has a gentle scent, and it’s very relaxing.


The BBW Aromatherapy Comfort scent is one of my favorites. The spray mist has vanilla and patchouli in it.


I caught a $3 candle sale and purchased some fall scents.


Afternoon Apple Picking. This is a vibrantly fresh and delicious smelling hand soap.


Blackberries & Basil. Something about this scent drew me in. It’s a gentle sweet blackberry scent with a hint of basil.


I had to get pumpkin hand soap. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte was the best scent. It’s becoming my favorite pumpkin scent this year.


Candi Corn is my Halloween hand soap. It’s decorated with a cute unicorn. The notes are wickedly wild berries and supernatural citrus.


Cinnamon Irish Cream. I had to pick this candle up. I’m not a cinnamon fan, but it blends well with the Irish Cream. There’s also a touch of French Vanilla.

I bought these products online and instore during several sales. Make sure you get your Bath & Body Works alerts and coupons sent to your email.

Stay blessed,



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