FabFitFun Box Fall 2019: Pamper Yourself!


FabFitFun’s Fall box featured full-size items aimed at pampering the face and body. The seasonal box is $49.95 and has hundreds of dollars worth of products.


The box includes a magazine that describes all the products. It also has articles on lifestyles, charities, and the brands included the box.



This AfterSpa hair towel is great for drying wet hair. It’s gentle on hair strands and a better choice than a regular towel. It’s long and actually fits my head unlike my old one. $18


Human+Kind Body Souffle. This is a nice lotion to keep around the house or at work for dry hands and arms. It has a nice, clean, outdoor scent. $18


Nassifmd Detox Pads. These pads give your skin a deep clean. I tried them and they left my face glowing. They’re $45 and worth it.


Cosmedix Pure C. I was so happy to get these Vitamin C crystals. If you mix them with a serum or moisturizer, they’ll perk up your skin before your eyes.  $54


Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. I tried this leave-in-conditioner and it left my hair soft. It has quinoa protein, macadamia oil, and soy. My hair is protein and soy sensitive, so I will use it sparingly. $30


Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks. So far, these are my favorite eye masks. They’re cool, relaxing, and diminish my eye bags. The masks contain hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and lavender. $25


Harper & Ari  Juice Cleanse Sugar Cubes. These exfoliating cubes look and smell like candy. You can even squeeze them. They’re great for a quick scrub. They remind me of gummy bears because they stretch and dissolve as you use them. They leave you feeling clean with no oily residue. $16


My favorite item is this Plush scarf which is soft and stylish. It has a  navy, black, and white checkered pattern.


The FabFitFun magazine shows you different ways to wear the scarf. It retails for $75.

I’m very happy with my box. I’ve already used each product which is a first.

Stay blessed,





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