Panko Oven-Fried Mustard Chicken

Lately, it’s been all about mustard. Folks have been using mustard to season meat since forever, but it’s found a resurgence in popularity lately. Here’s my recipe for Panko Oven-Fried Mustard Chicken.


Chicken breasts

Yellow mustard

Sea salt

Fresh Ground Pepper

Garlic powder

Weber’s Savory Herb and Roasted Garlic seasoning (This so darn good!)



Put the chicken breasts in a bag, and squeeze enough yellow mustard into the bag to coat the meat. Close the bag and make sure all the meat is coated. I marinate mine overnight.

You can also skip that step and simply dip your chicken breasts in yellow mustard and then coat them with Panko.


Make sure you season your Panko breading. The seasoned coating and the mustard marinade make the chicken pop. Put the coated chicken breasts in the oven at 350 degrees and cook until the panko breading is light brown. Then I top it off in the broiler to make sure it’s crispy.


The seasoning on the Panko is incredible, and the meat has a slight tangy mustard taste.

Stay blessed,



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