MAC Raver Girl Lippies

So I check out the MAC website at least three times a week. They have a Goodbyes section where I catch sale beauty products seriously marked down.



Deep Set Raver Girl Lipglass. It’s described as a dark purple color with a blue holographic pearl.


You can wear it by itself, with a lip liner or over a lipstick. Just so gorgeous! This is currently my favorite lip gloss. It has a subtle purple tint with a sight iridescent glow. I simply love it!


This color is everything. It’s called Bracelets Galore. It’s described as a sheer neon pink with blue pearl.



The color is pretty with that perfect MAC lipglass formula. Love it!

I purchased both of these lippies for $10.50 each and free shipping.

Stay blessed,





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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Looks like they sold out of the glosses

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    1. I should have bought backups.

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  2. oliveunicorn says:

    Beautiful colors by the way.

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