My Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Collection


I’m a huge fan of the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy line, but I rarely catch the products on sale. During the Summer Semi-Annual Sale/ SAS, BBW had some incredible deals. It allowed me to step outside of my safety zone and try new Aromatherapy products.


BBW has repackaged the Aromatherapy line, so the products in the old packaging were deeply discounted. It was a jackpot for us Aromatherapy lovers.  With coupons and sale prices, I paid anywhere between two to four bucks for each item.


I was able to purchase five Essential Oil Mists. They were around $3 each, and then I used a coupon.

I already have a Lavender mist that I spray my body and bed with every night.  It immediately relaxes me. I bought a backup. Bergamot is great for lifting your spirits. Spritz yourself when you’re feeling down. Patchouli is a grounding scent that creates harmony. It’s a long time favorite of mine. Ylang Ylang creates a sense of peace. It also attracts people to you.


I bought the Energy Plumeria and Mandarin line before the SAS and did not like it. I accidentally bought the body cream and lotion instead of a shower gel. I took the lotion to work, and now I love it! It invigorates me during the day, so I bought the Energy Essential Oil Mist as well. The scent is nice and light and perfect to refresh with at work.


I’ve had this Love Rose & Vanilla Aromatherapy shower gel and lotion set for months. I finally dived into them when I ran low on shower gel. It’s supposed to calm your mind and uplift your spirit. It has a soft pleasing smell.


Focus is extremely popular. It has eucalyptus and tea in it which helps clear your mind.

SAM_8626 (1)

I keep this bottle of Eucalyptus Lotion on my nightstand. It relaxes me and helps to clear my mind before bedtime. This is my absolute favorite scent.


The Aromatherapy Sleep Collection is beloved by many of us. I picked up the Black Chamomile Collection. It has chamomile and bergamot in it which is calming and creates a sense of well-being according to the bottle’s description. I like it.


Sleep Hibiscus and Ylang Ylang. I’ve been using this a lot, and it’s very relaxing.


I love this Sleep Lavender & Cedarwood Essential Body Oil. This is the only body oil I found during the SAS. I need more. It’s incredible!


Sleep Lavender and Chamomile body lotion. You can’t go wrong with this. I haven’t gotten my hands on the shower gel yet.


Comfort Vanilla and Patchouli shower gel and lotion. This is perfect to use after a hard day.


Sensual Black Currant and Vanilla shower gel and lotion. This has an addictive and scent. I don’t think it’s actually sensual …more like invigorating.


The Stress Relief Aromatherapy line is the one I use the most. I purchased the Stress Relief with Sage and Cedarwood lotion. 


I got this bottle of Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint lotion for free.  When BBW has a coupon that gives you a free item, grab an Aromatherapy item. I’ll be getting the matching shower gel for free soon. I also buy the Stress Relief candle and wallflower refills.

Now I’m stocked up BUT new Aromatherapy products are coming out, so I’ll have to get them as well.

Stay blessed,



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