Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Haul: You Won’t Believe What I Found-Part 1


This is it! The last haul of the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale aka SAS.  It includes online orders and multiple trips to four locations, and the use of coupons.  This will be a two-part post. This one focuses on body care.

SAM_8884 (1)

I heard about this At the Beach Bronzer on Youtube. I avoid the sun, so I wanted something to give me a bronzed look with glitter for my shoulders and neck. This is perfect for any skin tone.


I found another winner. Pretty As A Peach Diamond Shimmer Mist. This has a sweet ripe peach scent with real gold dust. I absolutely love it.




I’ve been eyeing the Fresh Sea Salt Mango collection, but I didn’t want to buy another summer scent. However, the fragrance mist smells so good, I just had to but it.



A fragrant mist with a pure clean Strawberry scent.


I found the Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Mist. I have three other essential oil fragrance mists which I’ll talk about in a BBW Aromatherapy post.


I purchased this Energy Plumeria and Mandarin all over mist. I have the lotion at work. The mist will be nice to use throughout the day.


I spray my bed every night with the Lavender Essential Oil, so I bought a backup.


I got the Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender and Chamomile Lotion.


I bought several more of the spray hand sanitizers in Honolulu Sun and Maui Mango Mau Tai.


Winter is one of my favorite scents, so I had to get the hand sanitizer mousse in Winter. These are great to keep in your car for a quick spritz on your hands and steering wheel. Then you can nibble on your french fries while driving.


When I smelled the Portofino Pink Prosecco at the store again, I had to have it. I was able to find the fragrance mist and shower gel. I’m going to have to stalk the stores for a new shipment of the body lotion or body cream. This is part of the Mediterranean collection which launched at 75% off.


I can’t believe I came across the Endless Weekend shower gel and lotion. Now I have the whole collection.



Beach Nights Summer Marshmallow shower gel and lotion. This is so nice for a nighttime shower.


Honolulu Sun collection. The notes are coconut, citrus, and white sand musk. This is a summer must-have.


I got the BBW Face and Body Mist in travel sizes. I can toss it in my purse, in my car, or have it for work.


I decided to buy some transitional scents to take me into the fall. The Lovely Dreamer collection is perfect. It’s lightly scented.


I found the Lavender and Sandalwood Fine Fragrance Mist to match my shower gel and lotion. This is my chillout at home on the weekend scent.


Who doesn’t love French Vanilla and Honey? Look at the beautiful packaging. This will be nice to give as a gift.


Deep down in a bin, I dug up Winter Candy Apple. One of my favorite scents. I couldn’t find the shower gel but I’ll buy it when the collection comes out this fall.


Plumeria is one of my classic favorites. I found the lotion and body spray.


They finally marked Champagne Toast down.


I was pulled in by the hand soaps again and bought five more.  Turquoise Waters. Bergamot, day lily, and sea spray notes. Island Papaya has notes of coconut, papaya, and sugarcane. I picked up Frosted Cranberry as part of my fall stash. Lavender Marshmallow smells so delicious. Fresh Lemonade. I just love the smell of lemon.

That’s it for body care.  I’m really happy with everything I purchased. Part two is coming up next. You’re going to be surprised by what I found and how much I paid.

Stay blessed,




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