Bath & Body Works Sale: You Won’t Believe What I Found! Part 2

I wrapped up the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale by buying more candles. They were on sale for $10.50 and with coupons, they ended up being $8.


These are some of the candles brought out for the Semi-Annual Sale. Some of them were only available online or at White Barn.


Firecracker Pop candle. This smells amazing! And look at the packaging


I got Heirloom Apple. I’m an apple girl.


I bought the Pink Apple Punch candle. Yummy!


I don’t know what it is about Beach Grass candle, but I can’t stop sniffing it. 


Blueberry Pie is the hot summer candle. You can even smell the pie crust. So pretty when it’s lit. I had to buy a backup.


The Ciao Bello Tiramisu. What more needs to be said!


I popped into a store and exchanged the Georgia Peach candle I’d bought on a previous trip for Peach Bellini.


I love how this version has the flowered wrapping.


This is my favorite scent, Winter. I’ve never seen it in this packaging, so I had to buy it. 


Look at the pretty snowflake lid.


I was able to find this three-wick candle holder for three bucks.


Don’t worry. I’m going to give an in-depth review of all the candles I bought during the sale. 


I needed wallflower holders. I was so happy when my favorite White Barn store marked these down. I purchased them for 75% off. Dirt cheap!

SAM_8870 (1)

I love owls. This one is gorgeous. 

Pretty in pink wallflowers!

Have some wine? Cute little turtle. And Merry Christmas!


I paid six bucks for this beautiful light up wallflower house. 


Look at the detail on the wallflower.


Finally, I bought this cute car air freshener visor clip. I also got this blinged out pocketbac for my hand sanitizers.

This sale rocked. There were coupons. Fresh items were brought out all the time. It was amazing.

Get ready the fall scents are coming. I hear there will be a Peanut Butter and Jelly candle.  it’s supposed to smell amazing. 

Stay blessed,









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  1. Jazzy Jaye says:

    I looovveeee bath and body works! They always have the best sales!!

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