Marshall’s: Marc Jacobs, NARS, Stila & More



This is old school Carol’s Daughter. Jamaican Punch Body Cream. It still smells good, but I wish I could go back in time and get the body oil with herbs and flowers in it. That’s when Carol’s Daughter was a small private company. $7.99



Marc Jacobs Le Marc Creme Lipstick in the color Blow. This is a beautiful wine color that goes on the lips like butter. $7.99.



Marc Jacobs New Nudes Lipstick in the color May Day.


This is a matte cocoa color that is a gorgeous nude for women of color. $8.99


When the colors are swatched next to each other, you can see the difference. I feel so lucky to purchase these lipsticks for less than ten dollars. They cost $32 at Sephora.


Marc Jacobs Seamless Liquid Foundation Brush. The quality of this brush is superior, and I enjoy using it. I paid $9.99. It sells for $38 at Sephora.

Buxom Shimmer Shock Lipstick. This is more of a lip crayon to me. I like it. It’s a sheer flair of color that’s perfect to keep in your weekend purse. $5.99


Boxom Liquid Lipstick in the color Devious Dolly. This is described as a lip plumper.



The lipstick has a “whipped texture”. I really like this liquid lipstick. It’s a soft peachy pink color and lasts for hours. $5.99


I came across these Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks. Two new colors I hadn’t seen.

This is the color Como which is a beautiful lavender color. $5.99

This is Rico which is a rich brown color with a hint of ruby. $5.99


Pharm & Table Leave-In Conditioner. This was a lucky find. The only bottle left. This is a tea tree leave-in spritz with mint and coconut oil. I just had Senagalise twists put in my hair and this will help prevent a dry itchy scalp. $6.99


Living Proof Mousse. I received a sample of styling cream from Living Proof, and it’s great. I picked up this “small” bottle of mousse for my twists since I don’t need much. $4.99


Laura Geller Hi-Def Glow Illuminator Duo. I’m still looking for the perfect highlighter. SAM_8666

This highlighter is soft to the touch and smooth. One side is shimmer and the other is sparkle. They have a gold tone. So far, I’m liking it. $5.99

My Marshall’s got a supply of Nars bronzers and highlighters. I can’t believe I found Nars’ Albatross highlighter. This is one of their most popular highlighters. It retails for $38. I paid ten bucks at Marshall’s.


This isn’t a good picture but Albatross is described as an opalescent gold tone.


I found this NARS Audacious Lipstick in the color, Kate which is described as a purple orchid.


It’s gorgeous. I bought it for $7.99. It retails for $34.


NARS Velvet Lip Glide in the color, Mineshaft.

This is pretty bright red which has a formula that’s a mixture of a lipstick and a gloss. I paid $7.99 and it retails for $26. it also smells good.


I found a pile of long skinny black boxes near the makeup boxes. They were NARS #49 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow brushes #49. $7.99 Full price is $28


During my last haul, I purchased Mychelle’s Apple Brightening Serum. I found more Mychelle products. The Fruit Enzyme Cleanser is amazing. I’ve tried it in sample sets and it has fruit granules to clean out the pores. $9.99 ($16)


Mychelle Deep Repair Cream (9.99) (retail 32.00) This cream has rosehip in it which my skin loves.

SAM_8735 (1)

GRIN Toothpaste. As you know, I think Grin toothbrushes are the best ever. I decided to give the toothpaste a try.

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Como and May Day are beautiful colors 💕


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