Budget-Friendly Essential Oils and Storage

I use essential oils on a daily basis. I put them on my skin and diffuse them  The cost can add up.


Eden’s Garden is where I buy most of my essential oils. You can create your own sets, buy single oils or synergy blends. I purchased a set of Worry Less and Sleep Ease for $13.


To stretch my dollar, I also buy products from Piping Rock. I enjoy their essential oils which the company describe as:

Piping Rock uses optimal and honest extraction methods while guaranteeing that each essential oil is derived from 100% all-natural plant sources such as flowers, leaves and roots.


They have a CRAZY DEALS section where they basically hand you oils like this 4 oz bottle of Sweet Almond Oil. I paid $1.69


I paid $2.50 for this 1 oz bottle of Neem Oil.


Sleep Essential Roll-ons. Two for $4.00


Muscle Ease Roll-ons. I got a two pack for $7.40. This stuff really works. I keep one in my purse. When my neck stiffens at work, I rub it on and the pain goes away.


Arnica helps relieve arthritis and sore joint pain. It’s helped a lot with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I buy the arnica and olive oil blend. A 4oz bottle sells for $7.00.


There are loads of other items such as the Miracle Foot Repair. $5.99


Nature’s Truth Sleep synergy oil is one of my favorite nighttime essential oils. I keep a backup supply.

I keep this small essential box holder on my nightstand next to the diffuser. It holds the oils that help me sleep. I found it on Amazon.


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I keep this essential oil holder in the family room. It stores uplifting and relaxing scents. I have a really large essential oil box as well. I keep healthy and medicinal oils in it.


I use smaller diffusers so that the oil is more concentrated. This one is a 200ml diffuser that I bought on Amazon for less than twenty bucks.

Stay blessed,



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