My Favorites!

My goal this year is not just to try new products, but also review them. So here are some of the beauty and skin items I’m loving.


A La Maison liquid hand and body soap. This soap is a perfect consistency and comes in a slew of scents.


Advanced Clinicals’ Hemp Seed Oil Cream.  This cream is so soothing when you rub it in, and it leaves your skin soft and smooth.


Shea Moisture Indian Hemp & Shea Butter Inflammation Therapy. This soap is so gentle on the skin. It’s great for sensitive skin as well. I’ve bought several backups.




I love this mini-palette by ORYZA. This is perfect for a quick nude look. I use the palette alone or combine it with other colors. You can purchase it here ORYZA.


Dr. Bronner’s Cherry Blossom Pure-Castile Soap. This is by far my favorite Dr. Bronner’s soap. The smell is subtle, and it leaves my skin clean and moisturized.


Camille Rose’s Cupuacu Sweet Cream. This cream smells like creme brulee. It’s delicious! You can buy it online at Camille Rose.


Marc Jacobs’ Dew Drops in the color Fantasy. I love this highlighter. It’s a deep golden color. I mix it with my foundation, and it gives me a beautiful glow.



Korres Wild Rose Night Cream. This is by far my favorite face cream. It smells like roses. It’s cool to the touch, and it works. I received it in my Fabfitfun box. You can find it at Sephora or online.


This Marble Massager is amazing. I keep one at home and one at work. Whenever my neck gets sore, I rub it with the cool marble. There’s a hole in the bottom for essential oils.



Grin Toothbrushes. This is the perfect toothbrush. The handle fits perfectly in my hand, and it’s biodegradable. The bristles are soft and gentle on my gums. I keep a back supply of these toothbrushes because they can be hard to find at Marshall’s.



Nature’s Truth Muscle Ease. If you have arthritis or sore muscles from working out, this will ease your pain. You can buy it here Piping Rock.


My favorite lip gloss was Fenty Glow. It’s been replaced by Fenty’s Fussy lip gloss. It has a pink tone whereas the Fenty Glow has a rose-tone I love them both…but the Fussy looks better over my summer lipsticks or alone. You can buy it at Sephora or Fenty Beauty

These are my favorites. I purchased most of the items at Marshall’s unless I mentioned otherwise. Let me know if you try some of them.

Stay Blessed,



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