Too Faced Is Just Too Cute To Wear!

This summer, I’ll be reviewing makeup lines and giving you my thoughts on the products. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas of what to add to your collection. Too Faced is first up.

I admit it. I’m obsessed with Too Faced cosmetics’ packaging. It’s girly and many of the products smell like peaches. But is it a good makeup line or simply over-priced and gimmicky?


Although I was intrigued, I never purchased Too Faced products before I saw them at Marshall’s. It was too much money to spend on a line I didn’t know much about. I started out by buying a couple of Melted lip glosses at Marshall’s. I didn’t like them much.


Then I tried the Too Faced Melted Gold…


This is a pure gold lip gloss that looks stunning by itself or on top of lipstick. It’s so stunning that I’m going to buy a backup.


I searched and searched for this Too Faced Sweet Peach Oil Lip Gloss, but I was a little disappointed when I found it. The applicator is flimsy and the smell is intense. It smells like peach oil and even tastes like it. Its something I can only apply once a day.


This here…this here is too much. Too Faced Metallic Sparkle lipsticks There are 10 shades created to celebrate Too Faced’s 20th anniversary. I’ve got six and need to find the last four shades.


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia; TF 20, Pixie Stick, Too Too Hot; Trampula, and Hoochie. These lipsticks are so beautiful, I can’t bring myself to use them yet.


Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer called Peaches and Cream. Once again, it’s so cute that I haven’t used it yet.


Too Faced Peach Frost Highlighter. I bought this solely for the packaging.


This is called Happy Face. It’s a peach champagne color that goes from cream to powder. I gave this highlighter a try, and I really like it.


The Too Faced White Peach Palette. Who else is making palettes like this? Where they do that at?


I adore these colors. I use it when I want a soft natural look.


The names of the colors are so cute: Peach Passion, Peach Cream, and Glistening Peach. The conclusion is I love Too Faced Cosmetics. I’m going to buy the products. Some I will use, and others I’ll admire. It’s just makeup, and it makes me happy. So why not?

Stay Blessed,


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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    I need to go to Marshalls


    1. It changed my makeup game.


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