Camille Rose’s Lavender Heaven for Your Hair!

Camille Rose is my favorite hair product line. It has amazing products, but it’s expensive. I’ve been wanting to purchase some products from the new Lavender line, and wouldn’t you know it, Camille Rose had a flash sale. Everything $10 or less.


Lavender Quench Deep Conditioner. First of all, the lavender scent is a rich, authentic aroma. It’s quite simply lovely. The conditioner contains argan mint oil, aloe leaf extract, shea butter, castor oil and more. I paid $10 on sale, but it’s normally $18.

20190517_165043 (3)

Lavender Whipped Cream Leave-In. This conditioner has extra slip to make it easier to detangle those curls. It retails for $14. I paid $10.

20190517_164943 (3)

Lavender Crush Defining Gel. Camille Rose gels do a great job defining and holding curly and coily hair. But they cost around $22 which is a little steep for me. I caught this on sale for ten bucks. Yes…just ten dollars.


Lavender Edge Glaze with castor oil, lavender, and chamomile. $5 on sale.


OUD Rich Infusion Oil.  This blend contains Middle Eastern OUD, jojoba, and coconut oils. This oil can be used from head to toe. It retails for $10, and I got it for $5.



Cupuacu Sweet Cream. This smells like creme brulee. It has shea butter, cranberry seeds, and aloe vera in it. It paid $5 which was 50% off.


I’m excited to try this Beauty Leaf facial soap with turmeric. It’s great for exfoliation. I was able to get the soap for half off at five bucks.

Click this link: Camille Rose and sign up for email alerts about flash sales. I have gotten some great deals!

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