I was perusing the Mac website when this caught my eye. It’s the Boy Around Town makeup kit by Youtube Influencer, Patrick Starr.


The limited edition kit was on sale for $25. Since MAC has free shipping I snatched one up. Just look at that packaging. I love it.


Old Time Hollywood Glam.


This was a fall collection, but I wear these colors all year-long. Perfect for a smoky eye.

The eyeshadow kit is called Overpacked. The colors are Head Over Heels, Primadonna, I’m Into It, and Dance In The Dark.


This lipstick exudes elegance. It’s called, Pattypout.

This is a cool tone red that looks perfect on the lips. It’s a retro matte that’s not drying. The makeup kit is sold out on MAC, but it’s available at Ulta for $25.


I learned about the MAC Hyper Real Glow palette from a Youtube shopping haul at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. As always, by the time I  got to TJ Maxx, this was the only palette left.


This is the Flash and Awe palette which has rosy and champagne shades. The first color is called Flash and Awe and has silver undertones. The second color is Rosy Glow, and the last one is Light of the Party. The formula is soft, smooth, and blends easily. The palette is just $19.99 at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. They originally retailed for forty bucks.

Stay blessed,



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