Sephora Playbox-March 2019


I don’t really need a wave spray but this stuff smells good. It doesn’t seem to help or hurt my hair, so I’ll use the sample for its scent.


This is color correcting treatment for red spots. I’ll have to play around with this.



Another mascara to add to the stockpile.


Shiseido sunscreen SPF 50. You can never have too much sunscreen.



This is a unisex perfume is by Maison Margiela. It’s called Replica because it takes you back to 1969 and Woodstock. I must say the scent grabbed my attention. It has patchouli in it which I like. A nice woodsy scent.


Yeah! I love NARS. This liquid lipstick is in the color, American Woman. This will look great with MAC’s Chestnut lipliner.

Sephora Playbox is $10 a month subscription service. It’s my favorite monthly subscription.

Stay blessed,






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