Subculture Palette & Vice Effects Topcoats

I’ve seen the Anastasia’s Subculture Eye palette all over social media and Youtube.


I saw it a few times at Marshalls before finally purchasing it. I paid $20. The palette sells for $42 on the Anastasia website. What a deal!


The colors are amazing in this palette.


These are some of the amazing looks you can create with the palette. There are matte, glitter, and smooth shades from the lightest to darkest hues.


I also found these Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoats at Marshalls. I bought the three colors they had: Ritual (blue), Regulate (gray/silver), and Fever (peach) which may be my favorite. $8


You brush the top coat on top of another lipstick to create an iridescent look or alter the color.


I’m not sure how I feel about these yet,  but I’ll play with them. The good thing is they don’t move after they dry. The Urban Decay website has the topcoats on sale for $10 and there are twelve colors.

Stay blessed,


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