Becca Volcano Goddess Eye Palette Review

A few weeks ago, I saw this palette but I was distracted by another makeup palette and purchased that one. When I got home, I googled some Becca lip glosses that I’d purchased and what did I see? The Becca Volcano Goddess Eye Palette.


Isn’t the cover gorgeous? That’s what caught my eye at the store and made the palette stand out in my memory. Packaging makes all the difference.

vgpal (1)

The palette is heavy, great quality, and has a large mirror. It came out as a 2018 limited holiday collection. It took a few days, but I made it to TJ Maxx and found the only Volcano palette they had for $16.99. The original price was $46, and it still sells for a reduced price of $28 on the Becca website.


Look at these incredible colors. They go on smoothly and last all day. My favorite colors are in the last row: Gilded, Lava, and Midnight Sapphire.


I’m so excited about this palette and the price I paid for it. Do you have a favorite blush, contour, or eye palette? Let me know.

Stay blessed,





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  1. Hunida says:

    What a steal! This palette is gorgeous.

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