Marshalls…Here We Go Again!

I had an appointment on a side of town that I rarely visit. It dawned on me that there was a Marshalls and Home Goods nearby. I hadn’t been to this location for years, so I just had to peek my little head in and take a look around.


One of my favorite things to get from Marshalls are these tote bags for 99 cents. I usually get the ones with dogs on them and use them when I grocery shop. Ironically, I always forget to bring them into Marshalls so I have to buy new ones.


Jane Carter is one of my favorite brands for my natural hair. I love the Curls to Go Shine on Elixir. It has Argan oil, Aloe Vera and Macadamia Nut oil in it. I was down to my last squirt, and I couldn’t find this elixir anywhere. The last bottle was waiting for me at Marshalls at the discounted price of $5.99.


I also came across Jane Carter’s Healthy Hair Slumber Party which is an overnight leave-in conditioner with sunflower and maracuja oil. I tried this out, and I was very impressed. It’s a great buy at the discounted price of $5.99.


You can never have too much hand lotion. Nubian Heritage’s Coconut and Papaya smells amazing. $2.99


As always, I picked up an OPI nail polish for $3.99 instead of nearly ten bucks. The color is, My Address Is Hollywood.


I’ve been eyeing these Waterless Gillette Venus razors for a minute. No water needed. Shave anywhere. I was so excited to try these. You’re supposed to squeeze the gel on your legs and shave. I did and my legs were on fire minutes later. Apparently, the gel didn’t get on some areas, and I dry shaved and carved my legs up. I’ve got long red bloody scratches on my legs. I threw the razors away. Thank God, they were only four bucks. Now, I’m recovering with aloe vera and bandages on my legs. They hurt like heck! Bad idea.


I bought this foot file for $4.99. I’ll test this carefully, so I don’t rip my heels up like I did my legs with the waterless razors.


I use a lot of fresh lemon and lime and this juicer with a measuring cup looked useful. $2.99


I bought these milk chocolate covered almonds during my last trip to Marshalls. They are scrumptious. I had to buy another box. $2.99


I fed my soap addiction with a Nubian Heritage Honey and Black Seed soap bar. This soap is heavenly. It smells like honey and is very moisturizing. $2.49


I’ve been hearing about shampoo bars, but I didn’t want to pay $8 to $10 for one. I bought this Shea Moisture Rhassoul clay shampoo bar for only $3.99. A little goes a long way. It’s perfect for thick hair. This shampoo bar is a game changer.


The best buy of the night was this Anastasia  Subculture palette. Anastasia Beverly Hills sells the palette for $42. I paid $19.99 at Marshalls.


I’ve been wanting this palette for a while. Look at the popping colors. I can’t wait to play with the Electric, Adorn, Untamed, Edge and Axis colors. I’ll have to watch some Youtube tutorials, so I don’t walk out of my house looking like a clown.


These HoneyBar Quinoa & Cranberry snack bars are yummy. They have apricots, cranberries, quinoa, almonds, and peanuts in them. I always grab a box when I see them in HomeGoods $3.99


I’ve been looking for an overnight mask that will moisturize my skin while I sleep. Jeju:en hyaluronic acid sleeping mask was so good when I tried it that I popped into my local Marshalls the next day and picked up the Propolis cream. Propolis is a natural extract from honeybees. I’ll post reviews on both of these soon. $5.99


I’ve been stressed lately, so I wanted to buy a candle to soothe my nerves. This three-wick Yankee candle in the scent, Relaxing Lavender has a soft, pleasing aroma. $9.99


My heart started racing when I saw these…Becca lip glosses…in Marshalls. I can never ever have too many lip glosses, especially from a high-quality, popular brand like Becca.


I purchased the Volcanic Goddess colors in Ruby Fire and Metaphoric Gold. They sell for $22 each on Becca’s website. I paid $7.99 a piece. The Ruby Fire is a gorgeous dark, rust red color.


The Gold can be used as a topper or by itself. The packaging is stunning and the lip glosses have a minty smell. It’s thick and moisturizing with just the right amount of color. These are winners!


Two large bath sponges for $3.99 Good deal!


I needed a new bowl for my blog recipe pictures $4.99


I think I’m going to pick up a piece of glassware every time I stop by Marshalls to replace the plastic containers I have. The glass is so easy to wash and more appealing to me. $4.99


I really like these Oneida cooking utensils. The handles are stainless steel with a copper seal. If I see more of these, I’ll definitely buy additional pieces. $3.99


Finally, I bought the Simply Fit Workout Board which was on Shark Tank. You get on the board and twist the fat away. It comes with a workout DVD. $14.99

Stay blessed,









Ruby Fire



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  1. Hunida says:

    Oh my gosh, what a steal on the Becca glosses & the Anastasia palette! I’ve never heard of a shampoo bar but seems interesting. Those razors sound terrible though.


    1. Lush sells shampoo bars for $12 each. I was happy to find these at a reasonable price. They really are great!

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