TJ Maxx, Marshalls & HomeGoods Shopping Haul!

I found myself on the other side of town for an appointment, so I decided to check out the Marshalls and HomeGoods in that area. Here’s what I found.


Ever since my foot fusion surgery, I wear a lot of compression socks. These Dr. Motion socks have great stretch and feel comfortable. They’re marked down to $4.50. I also grabbed these Legale soft sweater socks for only $2 for two pairs.


As always, I picked up Zoe’s treats for just $2.99


For myself, I got Hungry’s Chocolate Covered Coconut Chips These are delicious by themselves or in yogurt. $2.99

SAM_6633 (1)

I generally sweep past the housekeeping section, but I saw this microfiber duster and picked it up. It’s perfect for cleaning blinds and vents. $3.99


I found the last piece to my Real Techniques Brush Crush Limited Collection.rtrt

Now that I have the whole collection, I can start thinking about how I want to display it. The brushes will never be used only admired.


Being thankful is my focus for this year. This sign says it all. It was on sale for $3.50.


I also picked up a bar of Shea Moisture Argan Oil and Raw Shea Butter soap. I stock up on Shea Moisture soap at Marshalls because it’s only $3.99 a bar. It sells for two to three dollars more at other stores.


I’ve been wanting to try Baobab oil, so I bought this bottle. ($3.99) Shea Moisture describes the oil as Head to Toe nourishment. I plan to use it on my hair and face. Here are some benefits: Baobab Oil.


I’m out of my rosehip oil so I purchased a bottle of Life-flo Rosehip Seed Oil. It’s organic and cold pressed. 99% rosehip oil and 1% vitamin E. $5.99 for 1 oz.


I got the last bottle of Jane Carter’s Coiling All Curls Elongated Gel. This is one of my favorite gels for my natural hair. It’s only $6.99 at Marshalls which is about four bucks cheaper than at Sally Beauty Supply.


I just love this Too Faced Melted Long Wear Lipstick in the color, Chocolate Honey. Yes, it smells like warm chocolate.


This lipstick sells for $21 on the Too Faced website. I paid $3.99 at Marshalls. I should have bought two of these. Ugh!

SAM_6663 (1)

I found this Boxum lip plumper liner with a brush on the end. It’s a blackberry color named Stakeout. I can’t believe I only paid $2.99.


Buxom Lip Plumper sells for $18 at Sephora. I really like Buxom beauty products. I like a deal, but I’d pay full price because the quality is outstanding.

SAM_6644 (1)

Detoxifying Footpads in charcoal and lavender. The cashier asked me if these work, and I told her I believe they do. I’ve been using them for years, and they make my achy feet feel better. $5.99


As always, I picked up an OPI nail polish in the color, You Little
Shade Shifter. $3.99


I came across this candlestick which goes perfectly with my decor. I hesitated because I have two white candlesticks I’ve been planning to paint. But I decided to get this. It was marked down to $10.


I’ve been waiting for Marshalls to get my Milkhouse Candles back in. I have one left that I refuse to burn until I had a replacement. I got them. The scents are Eucalyptus Lavender and Tranquility. They were ten bucks a piece. They’re $25 on the Milkhouse website.


This French coffee press is my favorite purchase from Marshalls. I received a small one cup press as a gift, but I wanted something bigger. Once you try one of these, you’ll never go back to brewed coffee again. It’s amazing! $9.99.

Now, here’s what I found in TJ Maxx…


Natural hair products go fast in these stores but I found the last jar of Jane Carter’s Curl Drench Cleansing Co-Wash. I gave this a try and it left my hair clean, soft. and moisturized. $6.00


I’ve had a huge container of parsley for several years. I recently heard a chef say the flavor dies after a year, so I threw it out. I picked up this small bottle since I don’t use parsley that often. $2.99


This OPI base coat has vitamins and bamboo extract in it. $3.99


I bought these dryer balls. I got the cheapest ones at $1.99. I’ll try them and see if they’re worth buying more.


I purchased these Soaptopia bath salts to soak my feet. The scents are eucalyptus and tea tree. I paid $3.99, but they’re only $3.15 online.


I’ve been looking for these cookies for months. Goodie Girl Cookies in Double Chocolate Chip.  These are gluten and nut free. They’re yummy at 130 calories for 4 cookies. $2.99


Lastly, I purchased 100% Organic, caffeine-free Rosehip and Hibiscus tea. This tea is absolutely delicious and good for you. $3.99

Whew! After two weeks in a row, I’m staying away from Marshalls, HomeGoods, and TJ Maxx. I don’t need or want anything else…at least for right now. What are your favorite things to buy from these stores? Candles? Shoes? Beauty products? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to hit the Follow button.

Stay blessed,



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  1. Hunida says:

    Wow so many good deals! I can’t believe the Too Faced & Buxom products were so cheap. I love buying candles from these stores and home decor. I like snacks, beauty, shoes, clothes and well, you know, ALL of it lol.


    1. They have it all. It’s a shopping Wonderland.


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