Mielle: Conditioner & Curl Custard

honey (1)

I recently discovered that my hair loves honey. It moisturizes and softens my hair which keeps the frizz away. Mielle’s Pomegranate and Honey hair product line is a likely choice for me to test out.


The leave-in conditioner is like a lotion. It’s not runny but not a thick cream. It slipped right through my hair which had already been cleaned and deep conditioned. I felt like the leave-in conditioner melted into my hair follicles which left my hair soft. It was $12 at Sally Beauty Supply.


Next up is the Curl Sculpting Custard. This was also $12 at Sally Beauty Supply. I selected the deep definition because I like to style my hair and have it last for days. If the gel is not strong enough, I have to repeat the whole process mid-week.


The custard looks like your typical clear gel. It’s thin and like the leave-in conditioner smells wonderful.  The label says it’s for thick, kinky curly hair. That’s me! I applied the gel throughout my hair, making sure I really worked it in.


The end results were deeply defined curls and coils that felt moisturized by the honey. This is day two and the curls are getting looser and more natural.


By day five, my hair is bigger which is what I like. I’ve done very little maintenance. At night, I add a light layer of leave-in conditioner and oil if necessary, and I sleep in a bonnet cap. I get up in the morning and spritz my hair with a refresher spray, lift my hair with a pick, and go about my way. I definitely recommend the Mielle Pomegranate and Honey line. Let me know if you try it.

Stay blessed,



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