Turkey Sausage Gumbo

I love gumbo, but I’m a lazy cook. Here’s my recipe for a quick spicy gumbo that takes less than an hour to make.



1 package of turkey sausage. This Garrett Valley All Natural Smoked Turkey Kielbasa was $6 which was pricey, but the taste was out of this world.

1 can of sweet yellow corn

1 can of  black beans

2 cans of diced tomatoes (I used one can of fire roasted tomatoes and one can of stewed tomatoes.)

1 medium onion

Half of a medium green bell pepper

Minced garlic

2 stalks of celery

Brown or Jasmin rice (Optional and prepared separately)

Seasonings (Add to taste)

Slap Ya Mama Cajun seasoning or any cajun seasoning of your choice

Worcestershire sauce

Fresh ground pepper

1 bay leaf

Dried basil, oregano, and thyme (I had some fresh rosemary so I tossed it in.)

Red pepper flakes


Mrs. Dash Seasoning



Slice the turkey sausage into bite-size pieces and brown in olive oil. Add the onion, bell pepper, minced garlic, and celery. After a few minutes, add the beans, corn, tomatoes, and seasonings. Let everything meld on low for about thirty minutes.



Toss some cilantro on top of the turkey sausage gumbo and serve over a bed of rice. This gumbo is so delicious! It’s one of my favorite dishes.

Stay blessed,



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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    I may try this . I’ve been wanting to eat gumbo for a while . But in recent years I gave up red meat but this I could actually eat 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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