Drug Store Makeup that I Love!

SAM_5918I subscribe to several monthly makeup boxes, so admittedly I have loads of makeup. I haven’t needed to buy mascara in years. I usually get a sample that does a decent job. I was in Meijer the other day when I decided I needed a new mascara. One that does better than just a decent job.


Then  I remembered that I used to love the Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot in the color blackest black.


In the past, l liked it better than the Chanel mascara that I had paid $30 for.  Big Shot costs less than eight bucks. In my cart, it went.


Now that I’m into painting my nails again, I like to buy a new color every week. So I made my way down the aisle to the nail polish section. Sally Hansen’s polish in the color, Burnished Bronze caught my eye. It has Argan oil in it, and only costs $6.99.


Full disclosure. The next day I was in Walgreen’s and spotted this Revlon polish in the color, Pink Glaze. I know it’s out of season, but I’ve seen a lot of women wearing pale pink this season. I had to buy it since it was on sale for $3.


Okay, so back to Meijer. After I picked out the Burnished Bronze nail polish, something else caught my eye. A lip gloss. If you don’t know, I’m obsessed with lip glosses. They’re creamy and make your lips voluminous with a pop of color.


There was a whole shelf of lip glosses in the most amazing shades. Black Opal had three colors that grabbed my attention.




Orange Blaze is the color, and it fired up my heart. I’m always on the search for a gorgeous orange and this is a winner.


Copper Tone is a stunning shade. What more needs to be said. It’s amazing by itself or as a topper for another color such as a red or plum.


Uptown Brown is a great neutral shader for darker skin shades. Wear it alone. Add drama with a deep colored lip pencil, or blend it with another color. These Black Opal lip glosses are opaque and have a high-end quality to them. They cost around $7.


This Black Radiance lip creme is stunning.  I usually buy the Black Radiance tubes of lip gloss which are incredible.


This color is 5404. No name which is a shame because this is a darn good lip creme. It dries matte and stays on forever. I don’t remember the exact price, but it was less than $7.


You never leave a drug store without checking out the latest in the Milani section. This rose-copper color is incredible.


I thought I was done until I saw these. Black Radiance baked blush in Warm Berry on the left, and Toasted Almond on the right. These colors are perfect for people of color. The Warm Berry looks like scarlet and berry blended together. The Toasted Almond has a peach tone to it.


Let’s just take a moment. It’s name is Flawless and this bronzer is perfection. It will be used as eyeshadow, a highlighter, dabbed on top of lipstick, and more. How much did I pay for this beauty and the blushes? They were five dollars a piece.



I bought these three Burt Bees’ colored lip balmsß a few weeks ago. As you can see, they’re well-used. I found them at Walgreens for around $3. I’m quite pleased with these lip colors. They’re moisturizing and add a nice color to the lips. They’re sheen and great for every day. They usually costs around $9 but I caught a good sale.

I love makeup and I can never have too much. The great thing about drugstore makeup is you get more for your buck. The quality of some of these products is comparable to some department store brands, so why not give them a try.

Stay blessed,





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