Jane Carter’s Coiling All Curls Gel: Will It Work On My Hair?

Should I use a cream or a gel to style my hair? This is a question that all naturals ask themselves. Creams are usually more hydrating but don’t hold the curls for more than a couple of days. On the other hand, gels hold curls for longer periods of time, but they are drying.



Overall, I like creams but I’m always open to a good gel. I tested the Jane Carter Curl Cocktail, and like the results. But I had to use a lot of the cream to get the hold I wanted.


So I decided to put Jane Carter’s Coiling All Curls Elongated Gel to the test.



The gel has nettle, aloe vera, and coconut oil in it. It has a thin consistency.


Before I applied the Coiling Curl Gel, I co-washed my hair with Cantu Natural Hair Co-wash. I love this stuff. It has a gentle lather, but unlike a shampoo, it doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils.  The co-wash is about $5, and you can find it everywhere.



I deep conditioned my hair with Pure Oils Intense Conditioning and Hydration Masque. It has castor oil, shea butter, olive oil, and aloe vera in it. The masque leaves my hair moisturized and soft. It costs $7 at Sally’s.


After I washed and conditioned my hair, I applied the Jane Carter’s Untangle Me Weightless Leave-In Conditioner.


I rubbed in a little Manuka oil in my hair to lock in the moisture. I found this bottle at Marshall’s for $5.99.


The conditioner immediately started defining my curls. I have low porosity hair, so it’s really hard to hydrate my hair. If it dries out, it will frizz.

Next, I added the Coiling All Curls gel. This gel elongates the hair and makes your curls springy instead of tight. I raked the gel through my hair, but I didn’t need much unlike the Curl Cocktail cream.


I like the elongated look since my hair is so short right now. I let my hair air-dry about 75% and then diffused it with a hair dryer on a low heat.


I sprayed the Shine On Elixir on my hair. This stuff is magic. I found it at Marshall’s for around seven bucks.


This is the most important step. I lift my hair with a pick. I don’t comb all the way through but just lift the hair. It makes it look longer and fuller.


I was really impressed with Coiling All Curls gel. It left my hair moisturized and defined. The style held up for the required three days and could have gone longer. The gel is affordable at $10 a bottle, and you don’t need a lot.

If you try the Coiling All Curls gel, let me know how it works for you.

Stay blessed,



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