Haul Time: Food, Health & Makeup

By now you know that Marshall’s s one of my favorite stores. I find a lot of high-end beauty, skin, and hair products for a fraction of the cost. I also buy some of my healthy snacks and teas at Marshall’s as well.


Instead of potato chips which I love, I buy Jan’s Mixed Roots chips which have purple and orange sweet potatoes, taro, cassava chips. These chips are really good and healthier than potato chips. $3.99


Peak’s Mega Omega mix contains walnuts, dried mango, almonds, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds. This is great to keep in your desk at work for a quick snack. $2.99 for a 7oz bag.


When I get a sweet tooth, Nana’s Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies hit the spot. These cookies are dairy-free and vegan. $3.99.


Lemon Ginger Organic Yerba Mate tea. This is great in the morning for a caffeine kick. $3.99


This collapsible lunch box is perfect for work. $3.99


OPI nail polish is always half the retail price, so I like to grab a bottle. This color is Purple Palazzo Pants. $3.99


For my purse, I bought a travel size tube of Tamuni and shea butter hand lotion for extra dry skin. It smells so good. $2.99


I came across this Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick. I really love this stuff. The color is Can’t Touch This which is a deep purple hue. Gorgeous. I paid $5.99. It usually sells for $21.


I’m all about palettes because you get more for your money. I like high-quality, but I don’t like the price. I found this Revolution Iconic Smokey eyeshadow palette at Marshall’s. It has 12 colors that have a fabulous payoff. I like doing smokey eyes because they’re easy. The palette was on clearance for $4.


I’ve been looking for a huge fantail brush and I found it. This Trubeauty brush was only $4. It’s soft and seems like decent quality but only time will tell.


Sunny Isle Jamaican black castor oil with lavender. This can be used on the skin, hair, and face. It’s amazing and easier to use than the liquid form. It’s a bargain at $7.99 at Marshall’s.


Essano Rosehip Cleanser. I have other products from this line, and it’s incredible. Only $5.99 a tube. Rosehip is officially my favorite face oil. It does miracles. Essano is the top beauty line in New Zealand. Check out the website here: Essano


I have major feet issues, so I’m always looking for natural pain relievers. I picked up the Nerve Management which is for arthritis, diabetes, and nerve pain. It has St. John’s Wart, coffea crudia, and silicea in it. $7.00



I’ve been eyeing Green Goo at Marshall’s and on Zulily. I finally picked up a jar of the Pain Relief and Skin Repair. So far I like them. The Pain Relief has arnica in it which is great for muscle pain. They were $7.99 each at Marshall’s. They sell for $14.00 each on Zulily.


I also bought a Pecksniff’s deep sleep candle which has clary sage and lavender. It smells amazing. $5.99


Speaking of candles, I bought some of my favorites at Bath & Body Works. Winter and Stress Relief are two of my staples scents. I just had to try the Hot Cocoa and Scream. It smells yummy. I got a Fresh Balsam candle for free with my purchase. It’ll be perfect for the holidays.

And while we’re talking relaxation, here are some great products I bought from Amazon.


This hot and cold pack aromatherapy pack smells and feels like heaven. I toss it on my shoulder (recovering from shoulder surgery) and the aroma ( heat or cold) soothes my aches and pains away.


I love it so much, I bought a second one ($7.13) and a neck wrap. The neck wrap in Celestial Indigo was on sale for $7.93. The other colors and patterns ran from $17 to $20.


I also purchased a hot and cold Natural clay pack in a standard size for $15.50.

It feels so good that I bought a two-pack box with two smaller clay packs that are good for travel. I keep one at work. They come with a protective bag. $7.00

Stay blessed,








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