GlamGlow Bubble Sheets


No. This is not a Halloween costume. I’m wearing a GlamGlow Bubble Sheet face mask. It may look like hell but it’s actually heavenly. First, dampen your face and then apply. mask sheet. Within 60 seconds, the bubbles will start to form.


Looks scary, huh? After three minutes, take the mask off and give yourself a face massage. The mixture is creamy and smooth.


It feels wonderful. Rinse your face and you’re done.

I love love love this mask. I received two in my Fabfitfun subscription box, but I’ll be buying more.


Here’s a link to the GlamGlow website GlamGlow Bubble Sheets. The sheets are $9 a piece but check around the Internet for deals. They’re worth the money!

Stay blessed,





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  1. Love F & J says:

    We have yet to try this mask we got in our box! But after seeing your post we can’t wait! It looks like lots of fun!


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