My Fall Essential Oil Picks!

I’m constantly replenishing and adding to my essential oil collection. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Eden’s Garden is my favorite website for my essential oils. The oils are high-quality and economically priced. The website has great deals and you can even build your own kit.


I  created a set of six essential oils for $32.00. I like both single oils and synergy oils which are a blend of several oils. I selected: Bergamot Mint, Circu-Touch, Cleaning, Lemon Eucalyptus, HOPE, and Rise & Shine.


If you suffer from arthritis or sore muscles, the Circu-Touch is amazing. I blend it with hemp oil and it knocks the pain out.


Some oils are not available in a set and have to be bought individually like this Meditation synergy oil. This is great if you want to sit and reflect or curl up with a book.


Gal Pal is another synergy oil I’ve been eyeing for a while. You simply blend it with a carrier oil and rub on your abdomen and it helps relieve lady problems such as hot flashes or cramps.


Favorite Scents:

I’d have to select my favorite synergy scent as Sweet Ambiance. My new purchase of HOPE may be moving into first place for the best scent.


I really enjoy citrus scents and some of my favorites are Simply Citrus, Mandarin, and Sunshine Spice. These essential oils smell amazing and energize your spirit.

Stay blessed,



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