Shugar Soap: Where to get it for cheap!


If you look on Amazon, Shugar soap costs $6 each. However, the Dollar Tree sells it for a buck a bar. I’ve found the following scents in Dollar Tree: Oatmeal & Lavender; Oatmeal & Cranberry; Oatmeal & Verbana; Oatmeal and Coconut; and Lemon.


This is one of my favorite soap companies because you get a full-size bar of high-quality natural soap for cheap. I’m used to paying $4 and higher for earth and skin-friendly soap. Shugar Soap is creamy, smells good, and has nice lather. There are no parabens, no colors, no animal fat. It’s also made in the USA.

Shugar Soapworks believes in giving back to the community. Its Clean Hands Save Lives project has helped charities all over the nation.  Learn more about the company here: Shugar Soapworks.

Stay blessed,




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