DIY Seashell Sand Castles for under $10

I was walking through the Dollar Tree when I came across something I hadn’t seen there before… square glass vases. I knew I had to use them in my living room.


I bought four of the vases, one bag of seashells, two bags of blue pebbles, and two bags of white sand. Total cost=$9.


I  poured white sand at the bottom and then the blue pebbles. For the short vases, there are two layers. The tall vases have four layers. I pushed the seashells into the layers so you can see from the side, and I layered them on top.


You could cover the top with seashells and hot glue them together.  If not, keep the vases on a high shelf away from the hands of young kids or you’ll have sand everywhere.

Let me know if you try this look or any other Dollar Tree DIYs you’ve done. I have some posts coming up that feature Dollar Tree decor and storage. You’ll be amazed!

Stay blessed,




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