Jade Face Roller & Gua Sha Scraper


Recently, jade face rollers have become a trending skincare tool.  We’re suddenly seeing them everywhere, despite the fact they’ve been used in the Chinese culture for centuries. The roller is composed of metal and jade. Jade is known as a healing gemstone that helps to cleanse the body and spirit.


Here’s how you use it. Put the massager in the freezer.  That way it’s nice and cold when you use it.  Start by rolling it up your neck, and then your cheeks, temples, and forehead. It increases the circulation and moves the fluid out.


You can also use it with a face mask sheet. Roll the jade massager over it, and this will help the ingredients soak into your skin.


The small roller is great for your eyelids and under your eyes. Have a late night? Use the jade roller to decrease puffiness and bring your eyes to life.


Gua Sha is another ancient jade skincare tool that is gaining popularity. I love using the scraper! It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s a scraper that increases lymphatic drainage and promotes circulation.


The curves and scalloped edges are perfect for getting into the grooves of your neck and face and smoothing out puffy cheeks.



I bought this jade face massager and gua sha scraper together on Amazon for less than $20. They came with storage bags to protect them while they’re in the freezer. There are loads of choices, and I’ll be adding more pieces. Check out Youtube for videos on how to use the jade massager and gua sha scraper.

Stay Blessed!



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