Lucky Vitamin Purchases: Bone Broth and More

Every four to six weeks, I place an order on Lucky Vitamin. My order is always at least $49 so I can get free shipping. Lucky Vitamin has discounted prices on natural foods, drinks, body, hair, and other products.


I ordered a sampler box of Numi organic tea. This is one of my favorite brands of tea. It’s really good and has a variety of unique flavors. This sample box has a chocolate tea.


For my morning caffeine kick, I bought Zhena’s Gypsy Green Matcha Tea. I drink my tea without sugar or honey most of the time. This has vanilla in it which gives it a nice taste.


I purchased a stick of Tom’s aluminum-free deodorant scented with calendula. I also ordered Tom’s mouthwash but it’s on backorder. I’m willing to wait because it’s cheaper than at my local stores.

My soap obsession continues. I purchased my staple black soap which is what I call my miracle soap. This was my first time buying Mrs. Meyer’s bath soap. I use Mrs. Meyer’s kitchen spray and honeysuckle is my favorite scent, so I bought the honeysuckle soap.


If you don’t have time for an Epsom Salt bath, buy the soap. I’ve been using this soap and it’s incredible.

Teal's Body Wash

By the way, I discovered Teal’s Epsom Salt body wash at a local store and I love it. It really helps with tired and swollen feet.

***Warning: If you have high blood pressure like me, monitor how often you use Epsom salt because it goes into your pores and can raise your blood pressure if used excessively.


I’m trying to incorporate bone broth into my diet so I bought Jarrow’s Bone Broth. I was able to get a better price at Jarrow’s is low in sodium, and that’s important if you’re watching your blood pressure.

More natural product shopping hauls to come.

Stay blessed,



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