Birchbox: Spring 2018


April’s Birchbox was a pleasant surprise. Beautiful flowers. A sign of what we’ll see next month.

m_5aa82a153800c5d9e3816532 (1)

Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm. The only ingredient is 100% natural medical grade Lanolin which works amazingly. Warning. If you’re allergic to wool, avoid this product. Full Size=$16.50


This has SPF 30  in it which is hard to find in a primer. COOLA makes quality products, so I hope this works. Full Size=$42


I’m really excited about Schmidt’s Lavender and Sage natural deodorant. I’ve seen this deodorant around lately, and I’ve been wanting to try it. I checked out the preview of this month’s box, and I thought I was getting a sample but they sent a full-size stick. $8.99


I was almost out of my DERMA-E Night Cream, but this sample came to the rescue. It keeps my face moisturized. Just mix in Rosehip oil or Josie Moran Argan oil with it, and you have perfection. Full Size=$29.50

The last thing I received was a Smashbox Always On Eye gel liner. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture. You can check it out here: Smashbox Always On Eye Gel Liner.

A Birchbox subscription is $10 a month. Let me know what you got in your Birchbox this month. Looking around the Internet, I saw products that were completely different from mine. I even saw a different box design.

Stay blessed,





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