Makeup Storage on a Budget!

I’ve bought expensive makeup storage units in the past, and they’ve lasted for years, but it’s time to replace them. After searching around, I decided to go with Sorbus makeup organizers.


I chose a unit with a storage top, four small drawers and three large ones.


This unit is smaller than my other makeup storage cases, but It works for me. I can find the items I need because there’s less room to keep unwanted or old makeup.



The drawers contain removable padding.

I bought the makeup case on Amazon for $30. I’ve seen them on the Internet for much more. Make sure you bargain shop.


I have loads of makeup so I bought a second storage case. I purchased a case with four small drawers and three large drawers without the top. It was $25 on Amazon.



I plan to put my blushes and overflow makeup in this case. It’s also where I’ll store the samples I receive in my monthly subscription makeup boxes.

Sorbus makes high-quality storage units that look great in your bathroom or makeup room. Let me know if have them or if you try them out.



I bought another unit with three large drawers. That’s the great thing about these cases. You can keep adding on as you need more storage. This unit was $15.

Stay blessed,




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