Black Cumin Seed & Black Soap: They Work Miracles!

For years, I suffered from dry and itchy skin. Several years ago, I started using all-natural soaps, oils, and hair and body products. I no longer have sensitive skin issues. Two things that helped me are black soap and black cumin seed.


Black seed oil aka black cumin seed is good for ailments such as autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, asthma, MRSA, etc. Here are several links with more information:

  1. 10 Benefits of Black Cumin Seed
  2. Black Seed is the Remedy…


I ingest black seed oil as a supplement daily. I started using it more than a year ago, for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Some of my symptoms have disappeared and others are less severe.


What you put on your skin goes into your body. I always keep a couple of bars of black seed soap around because it’s great for the skin and the body.



Madina also has a black seed cream that I like to keep around. This cream moisturizes, tightens the skin, and fades dark spots. It’s really good for elbows and knees that need a little extra care. I purchased the black seed soap and cream on Amazon for about $8 each. A bargain!


Another staple in my home is Black Soap which is produced in West Africa. Check out this link for more details on the benefits of black soap: 6 Skin Care Benefits of Black Soap


I’ve talked about Black Soap endlessly on this blog. I always keep liquid black soap in the house. Dr. Woods Raw Black Soap with Shea Butter is my standby. I use it for everything: hair, face, and body. I even clean my bathtub with it. It soothes my dry skin. I also keep a bottle of Dr. Woods Black Soap Facial Cleanser in my shower that I use several times a week. I purchased these two products on Amazon, but they’re available in local stores and online.


Alaffia is my other favorite liquid black soap. I like the Peppermint scent to bathe with and to clean the house. It has an uplifting smell. This time around, I decided to try something different and purchased the Tangerine Citrus scent which has lemongrass in it. I love lemongrass, so I’ll enjoy this. I found the 32 oz bottle at Marshall’s for about ten bucks. I usually pay around $13.


I also keep bars of black soap around to wash with. It’s great for the face and body.


Here are a couple of my other soap favorites. Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Castille soap. Hemp is great for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I’m all about citrus right now.


Ayurvedic soap is also good for your skin. It’s an anti-inflammatory and full of health benefits. Here are some details: Ayurvedic soap benefits.

Let me know if you use any of these products or if you try them out.

Stay Blessed,






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