My Favorite Things: Tried-and-True

I’ve used these products over the last few months, and they’ve all impressed me. You don’t make the Favorite Things unless you’re worth the money. All of these items work exceptionally well and won’t break your budget.


Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler

This is a base coat that covers imperfections. $18


Monq Personal Diffusers

These are portable aromatherapy diffuser sticks that contain organic water and essential oils. No toxins or nicotine. Check out my post for all the details: Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers: Healing & Healthy!$20


This Rosehip clay masque is creamy, cool, and relaxing. $7.00

Essano Rosehip Clay Masque


Kate Blanc Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip oil has become my favorite face moisturizer. It’s great for keeping the skin youthful and excellent for dry or problem skin. $13



I picked this brush up at Marshall’s, and it’s become my main hair styling tool. I whip it through my hair in the morning, and I’m out the door. $15


I just love this hemp oil lip balm. It’s moisturizing with just enough scent and taste.

Merry Hempsters Lip Balm


If you bruise easily, have a stiff neck, or suffer from arthritis, all-natural Arnicare Gel will give you soothing relief. Arnicare Gel $7.99


Physique 57 Massager Roller $20

I got this muscle roller in my Spring 2018 fabfitfun box. I use it on my muscles. I also like to place it behind my neck and relax. It actually feels good. I don’t know where you can buy this exact massager, but there are similar ones on Amazon.

Stay blessed,




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